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"Kira" Kairuko Zetsumei Emo-anime
(overall appearance)
"Kira" Kairuko Zetsumei Kairuko
(what her face looks like)
name:Kairuko Zetsumei

age:recently 17

info: Her past consists of her parents death, aunts adoption, and going to Boarding School in Europe. When her parents died (she was around the age 4), her aunt was the only relative who was close and alive. So she had a new home, with her drunk and criminal aunt .Her aunt is basically in “the wrong part of town,” who herself is not a very good person per say. She left home, and came back drunk. Always partying and never gave Kairuko enough money to stay in school or feed herself. While Kairuko was still young, she taught her how to pickpocket and steal. Kairuko got into a lot of trouble, but her aunt and many others always saved her from the worst, just so they could keep their money maker. When Kairuko turned 9 she finally decided that she wanted to go to Europe, with her grandparents, where it was probably safer. She knew what she was doing was wrong, so she went to a nearby police station and explained everything to the police. They arrested her aunt, and she moved to Europe with her grandparents, where she learned more about her European heritage. They sent her to a Boarding School, where she learned better ways to live with her life, and took interest in the arts. After 8 years of peace. Kairuko decided to move back to her old home, where her memories will haunt her forever. Her grandparents agreed to Kairuko’s reasons, and sent her home, promising they would help her once he’s settled. Now, she lives in her old home. Trying to start a new life, this seems to be working out very well. She plays Guitar in her spare time, studies, and works on the house.

Personality:Kairuko enjoys the arts, and trying new things. Very shy, but want’s some new friends. Gets scared easily, so the old mansion isn’t the best place for her, but she likes the antiqueness. Can play a few instruments, repair things, pick locks, and cook sweets and many other things. She loves candy, well actually just anything that looks good and is sweet. She likes being alone, but drives her insane if she’s stuck in her creepy home for too long. Tends to space out a lot, which usually is when she starts remembering what happened in the past. Secretly wants revenge of her parent’s death, she wants to kill the murderer but remembers that she is human. She hates the fact that there is still hatred for the murderer, and hates herself for thinking about killing. (I’ll edit this more laterz)

occupation:Student, works at an ice cream shop Part-time during her school breaks.

wielder of death note?: Yes, but she’s afraid of it truthfully. It makes her feel like the murderer who killed her parents.

"Kira" Kairuko Zetsumei AnimeDemon
shinigami info:
The Shinigami's name is Makra. She is a small female Shingami, has a decayed body, and has spikes coming out of her arm going down to her hands. Covered cobwebs and dust, just like the place she was found in, Kairuko’s family’s mansion. The Shinigami choose her for no true reason, Kairuko, like Light, just happened to find the death note. Her Hobbies are: scaring Kairuko(who falls for it every time), sitting in mid-air and staring at anyone she sees first, or scaring the Butler(comes later on in the story, his name is Ravien and came from her mother’s side of the family, as someone to help her. Of course the butler can’t see Makra, but she can make things move and use objects around the mansion.)

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