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otto erizawa. Emo_anime_girledited
eyes are pale-green. wears black long-sleeve, black flats, black skirt with full black leggings underneath.
otto erizawa. Ottoy
name otto erizawa.
age 21
info otto's past her father died when she was two years old, therefore she remembers nothing about him. he died of a brain tumor. her mother was the one caring for her and still to this day is very close to her daughter. at a young age, her mother would play games with her that involved investigator-related themes. so at a young age she had some skills in that department, and still does. though of course is not as skilled as her mother. she was a tomboy and outcast pretty much all her life, but had a few close friends. so losing them later on in life is a main reason for her ending up closed off and pretty much unwilling to get close to anyone.
info on her mother miss tai erizawa currently works for L and is one of the top detectives. ever since her husband died, she has never been interested in being with anyone else. otto does not pressure her into meeting anyone else and respects that her mother chooses not to.
personality, ect. otto has always been someone who is rather sarcastic, out going and witty. ever since her close friends drifted from her though, she has become more and more closed off from people. she channels all of her emotions into her music. she has played bass since the age of 12. she is in a band that isn't very well put together that also doesn't meet much, but hopes to find something steady. usually otto finds it hard to be herself around others because she is afraid they will simply drift away. on the outside she may seem to be very closed off and can be hard to really get to know, but what she truly wants is someone to stay close to though is afraid. if you are one who is able to get to know her though, she is a very loyal and trustworthy person. it can be seen that, even though never knowing her father, she has some of his characteristics. the main one being her stubborn nature. but she is equally like her mom and shares her sense of humor and well, isn't quite as stubborn as her dad. you could say she's around 26% her dad, the rest being her mom. she also is very honest and sometimes a bit brutal with that honesty.

occupation musician and college student.
wielder of death note? no.
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