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Rules, please read! Empty Rules, please read!

Post  MissDivergent on Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:09 pm

So as you all may know, forums usually come with rules. Here are ours.

1 ) DO NOT SPAM. For one, it's annoying. You'll get kicked off if you're caught posting things that don't matter, or if you are repeatedly posting or bothering someone else.

2 ) Please respect other users. Some people are probably new to RPing, so just bare with it. If we catch anyone godmobbing or bothering others you will get a warning or be kicked off.

3 ) PLEASE don't bug to be an Administrator. If anything, you need to earn the position and you need to be trusted. And with me that doesn't come easily. Sorry.

4 ) Please try and post at least up to three or more lines when you are in Roleplay. Most like a good story and posting only a couple lines can get annoying. Be descriptive, and develop your skill as a Roleplayer!

5 ) Do not play more than 3 characters in all. Keeping up with more than that is enough work, I have to say. So keep it minimal!

6 ) There can only be 2 more owners of the Death Note, so act quickly if would like this position!

7 ) Don't post vulgar pictures of anything. Romantic scenes I'm okay with, but please keep the hentai and all that other junk off the site. While in RP if there is some romance, if it gets to a certain extent please keep those within PMs or you'll get a warning.

8 ) PLEASE try not to advertise, unless you get my okay. I find it a bit annoying, but just ask me first and we can try to work something out.

9 ) If you are not online for about a week(7 days) or more, without a good excuse, you're character position might be taken away, or you'll be kicked if you're offline for even longer.
So make sure if you're not really online that much, please tell us. We'll understand.

That is all for now, though I may post more rules in time. Also, if you ever have any suggestions feel free to post them in the Suggestions section!

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